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children Producing TV & radio programs


We are a nonprofit organization that teach children how to produce TV and radio programs using entertainment technology. Also, through this program children learn about budgeting and savings. We believe that these are great tools that can help children in their personal or business lives.


It is our mission to teach children about different character strengths by teaching respectful, responsible communication skills, pointing out positive examples of healthy conversations in the media. And to help children manage conflicts in relationships.


It is our vision to teach children how to produce TV and radio programs using entertainment technology. And to work in our community to manage change and help individuals that are in need.

children learning about budgeting & financing

         Hands Up incorporated, is a organization that teach children how to produce TV and Radio programs using entertainment technology. Through this program, children use the skills they are taught to produce programs for Hands Up Incorporated platforms which are Hands Up TV, Hands Up Radio and other media outlets. Their productions are geared toward informing, inspiring and motivating individuals. Some people are influenced by Television on what they see or hear. Our organization, assist children on developing different character strengths. By teaching them respectful communication skills that can help them manage conflicts in relationships. We believe that through this method a lot of issues that we are facing in the world today could be avoided if we understood how to communicate with one another. We also, educate individuals on mental health, so they will know what early warning signs to look out for. The best way to teach individuals is to give them hands on experience they need to succeed in the entertainment world and in everyday life. With this approach, children learn the business side of the industry. We teach children about budgeting, savings and taxes. These are valuable tools that could help them in their personal or business lives. Hands Up Incorporated, believes in life begins beyond the studio. What happens when you’re not performing on set or producing a show. The real test comes when you’re living your normal everyday life. That's why we came up with the slogan, Life Begins Beyond The Studio. With this approach, we assist individuals in our communities during a time of need and help rehabilitate families who have been displaced by natural disasters or experiencing financial hardship. Hands Up, for changing lives beyond the studio.


This IS HOW it started !!!!

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Hands Up Incorporated is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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